Our Projects They are aimed at:

  1. The collection and analysis of data with a gender and diversity perspective from an intersectional approach.
  2. Building automation tools with AI for data collection.
  3. Training people in data transfeminism, ethics in AI and construction of indicators with a gender perspective, among others.
  4. The translation into Spanish of texts that we believe contribute to the discussion from a Latin American paradigm.
  5. The production of articles, reports and books on data transfeminism and artificial intelligence.
  6. Advising governments to mainstream the gender perspective in their data for the design of inclusive public policies.
  7. Supporting civil society organizations in reviewing and improving their data practices so that they are inclusive and sensitive to gender issues.
  8. Carrying out awareness and communication campaigns aimed at making people aware of the importance of including the gender perspective in the world of data and AI and the need to have information disaggregated by gender.
  9. Strengthening regional alliances on data transfeminism.

Data Feminism

Authors: Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein

The labor exploitation behind Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Timnit Gebru, Adrienne Williams and Milagros Miceli