On September 21, we shared Belén Comparini's testimony about the Seminar that we gave in the first quarter of the year at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA.
Top Voices on Gender Equality on LinkedIn
Catherine D'Ignazio, co-author of the great book Data Feminism, during her time in Buenos Aires, joined us to meet, chat and exchange ideas.
🗓️🎉How was 2022 for DataGénero? It's time for balances! As 2022 is ending, we want to celebrate and recap some of our best moments this year and thank all the people and organizations that have been accompanying us on this journey. It has been a very intense year, full of events, projects and initiatives, so we tried to make a summary of what was happening, although everyone knows that being brief is not our strong suit. We like to expand, talk, argue and support everything with data and evidence!
AymurAI is a software created by DataGénero that collects and makes available data on gender violence based on court rulings.
Schedule this event! Next week we will present the Spanish translation of the book Data Feminism by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein.